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Returns & Warranty



Purchase of your Smart Sharps Bin is protected by a 90-day return policy. Your Smart Sharps Bin can be returned for any reason within 90 days of purchase. You’ll just need to return the device with the original packaging in good condition. Simply contact our Customer Care team at 1-855-512-0423 to start the returns process.




This warranty applies to products purchased in the U.S. This is the only express warranty for this product and is in lieu of any other warranty or condition.


This product is warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of two (2) years from the date of original purchase in the U.S. During this period, your exclusive remedy is repair or replacement of this product or any component found to be defective, at our option; however, you may be responsible for all costs associated with returning the product to us and our returning a product or component under this warranty to you.


This warranty does not cover wear from normal use, use not in conformity with the printed directions, or damage to the product resulting from accident, alteration, abuse, or misuse. This warranty extends only to the original consumer purchaser or gift recipient. Keep the original sales receipt, as proof of purchase is required to make a warranty claim. This warranty is void if the product is used for other than single-family household use or used contrary to the product’s FDA clearance.


We exclude all claims for special, incidental, and consequential damages caused by breach of express or implied warranty. All liability is limited to the amount of the purchase price. Every implied warranty, including any statutory warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, is disclaimed except to the extent prohibited by law, in which case such warranty is limited to the duration of this written warranty. This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may have other legal rights that vary depending on where you live. Some states do not allow limitations on implied warranties or special, incidental, or consequential damages, so the foregoing limitations may not apply to you.


To make a warranty claim, do not return this appliance to the store. Please call 1-855-512-0423 in the U.S. or visit www.smartsharpsbin.com. The products and services provided herein are also subject to the warranty disclaimers in our Terms of Use.