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Looking for a sharps container?

Upgrade to Smart Sharps Bin for hassle free sharps waste management

With your dumb sharps bin you may experience: Confusion around how and where to dispose of used sharps. Frustration of having used sharps containers build up in your home. Embarrassment carrying used sharps to obscure disposal locations. Safety concerns for kids and pets at risk of needle stick injury.With a Smart Sharps Bin you'll have: Easy at-home sharps disposal using USPS prepaid mailback. Automatic bin replacement right when you need a replacement container. A discrete, minimalist design that fits subtly into any room. Reassurance with an extra layer of protection against needle stick injury.
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Introducing the world's first Smart Sharps Bin
No guesswork, no missed treatments - our smart technology motivates you to stick to it.
With a Smart Sharps Bin you get smart injection schedule reminders, injection site rotation reminders, personalized injection reports, 24 7 customer care, and caregiver notifications. A picture of the Smart Sharps Bin with a phone displaying the companion app.
Because every injection matters.
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Receive a replacement sharps container to your door. We automatically send you out a new bin before you need it. USPS prepaid mailback kit included. When your old bin is full, simply pack it up and send it back to us.   No more sharps waste confusion and build-up. We'll take care of the rest.
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