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Smart technology keeps your injection routine on track

How it works

Monitor progress

Attractive design

Blue-light indicator & injection reminders

Safe used sharps storage

How do I use the Smart Sharps Bin?


Time for an injection

See blue lights and get a text notification


Goodbye, used sharps

The Smart Sharps Bin records the drop


See a success message

You're on track!


Miss an injection?

Smart reminders alert you


Receive a new container

It’s sent automatically when needed


Ship out the old one

The prepaid mailback package makes it easy

Companion app features

Personalized treatment schedule

On-time injection tracking

Reminders and overdue injection notifications

Injection history data to download and share

What does my membership include?

The Smart Sharps Bin system provides ongoing support to help you stay on track with your at-home injection schedule. Your membership includes:

Support & connection

  • Access to the Smart Sharps Bin device, Companion App and Portal
  • Connectivity via cellular network (no WiFi required)
  • Injection reports to download and share
  • 24/7 Customer Care to answer your questions

Injection management & disposal

  • Personalized reminders & progress tracking
  • Automatic delivery of new sharps containers
  • Up to 4 replacement sharps containers with prepaid mailback packages per year (additional sharps containers with prepaid mailback packages sold separately)
  • Share treatment information with your Inner Circle
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Have questions?

Customer Care is available 24/7 to help you use the Smart Sharps Bin system.
Call 1-855-512-0423 or chat with us by clicking the chat button or on the companion portal.

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