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HB Smart Scale - Smart Weight & Height Measurement

HealthBeacon launches its integrated Smart Scale

Healthbeacon plc, the leading digital therapeutics company that develops products for managing injectable medications for patients in the home,has today announced the launch of its new Smart Scale, an integrated solution that forms part of its Injection Care Management System (ICMS).

The HealthBeacon Smart Scale enables patients to add weight monitoring to its
ICMS, as the connected weight scale tracks weight progression, providing clinical
teams with insights on specific medication outcomes.
There are currently nine million patients in the U.S. that self-administer injectable
medications in the home, and many require their weight to be carefully managed and
monitored. HealthBeacon’s integrated Smart Scale will sync seamlessly with its
ICMS, helping patients improve adherence to therapies and providing healthcare
practitioners with access to important clinical data.
[Detail here on availability, timing for roll out and details of distribution channels and
or pricing if possible or appropriate.]
HealthBeacon provides each member of its care management system with a Smart
Sharps Bin, a companion app, a more sustainable waste management service, and
now, the integrated Smart Scale. This provides a complete system that improves the
likelihood of success on therapy by increasing adherence by as much as 26%
according to peer reviewed research.
Commenting, HealthBeacon CEO and co-founder, Jim Joyce, said: “The launch
of the HB Smart Scale is an important step as we strive to improve injection
adherence globally. Weight management is an important factor in the health of many
patients that are required to self-administer injectable medications at home. This
product integrates seamlessly into our technology which patients are already using,
meaning this addition can improve their health with no added level of complexity.”
The announcement of the launch of HealthBeacon’s Smart Scale was made at the
annual MAGIC conference in Chicago, the largest patient conference for children
with growth disorders. The monitoring of weight progression is of particular
importance to children suffering from growth disorders.
Commenting further, Mr Joyce said: “We know how difficult it is for families that
must administer injections to their children at home. For children on growth
hormones, it can be difficult to both manage injections and monitor growth progress.
HealthBeacon’s Smart Scale will support affected families by enabling parents to
track their child’s growth along with monitoring injection adherence. It also benefits
children as they become teenagers and can administer medication themselves,
providing them with a level of independence while enabling their parents to continue
to monitor their adherence and track their growth.”

About HealthBeacon

Headquartered in Dublin, HealthBeacon is an Irish digital therapeutics company that
develops products for managing injectable medications for patients in the home. The
HealthBeacon Injection Care Management System tracks adherence and
persistence with medication schedules through the provision of medication
management reminders, safe and sustainable sharps disposal devices, educational
tools, and artificial intelligence (AI) driven data analytics. The Company operates in
17 countries primarily across Europe, North America and the United Kingdom
employs more than 60 people
and has obtained more than 30 design and utility patents. Peer reviewed evidence
demonstrated up to a 26% improvement in injectable medication adherence by
patients using its technology. The Company’s mission is to become the world’s
leading digital therapeutics platform for injectable medications.