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How do I use the Smart Sharps Bin?


Time for an injection

See blue lights and get a text notification


Goodbye, used sharps

The Smart Sharps Bin records the drop


See a success message

You're on track!


Miss an injection?

Smart reminders alert you


Receive a new container

It’s sent automatically when needed


Ship out the old one

The prepaid mailback package makes it easy

The smart way to stay on track

Smart Sharps Bin & monthly subscription (required) includes:

  • FDA-cleared, connected Smart
  • Companion app and portal
  • Injection reminders and interventions to keep you on track
  • Caregiver notifications and personalized reports
  • Secure, discreet sharps storage
  • Replacement containers and prepaid mailback packages
  • 24/7 Customer Care with personalized support
How it works

Companion app features

Personalized treatment schedule

On-time injection tracking

Reminders and overdue injection notifications

Injection history data to download and share