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Improve injectable medication adherence for your patients

If you treat patients whose illnesses require self-injected medication, you already know that ensuring treatment adherence is a challenge. Many patients fear the process of self-injection; forget or delay their scheduled treatments; and struggle to stick with a routine. 

The Smart Sharps Bin injection management system helps patients establish their injection routine, motivates them to stay on track, and streamlines needle disposal. It's clinically proven to improve patients’ experiences with self-injection. In one study, patients were 19% more likely to persist with their treatment plan over a 12 month period when using the Smart Sharps Bin.

Clinician resources

Improved measures of adherence: How HealthBeacon’s ICMS™ enhances confidence in medication adherence rates

Accurately and reliably measuring medication adherence can be challenging. There are both direct and indirect measures which can offer us insight into patient adherence rates. 

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Achieving patient adoption: Should digital health tools smile?

Our history with the question, “Should it smile?”, goes back to our earliest prototype.  Since the beginning, each time a patient disposes of their used injection into the HealthBeacon Smart Sharps Bin,  the device smiles at you through the LCD screen.

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