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Make it easier for them to stay on track

Are you caring for a child, spouse, parent or relative with a chronic illness? You’re not alone. There are an estimated 53 million unpaid family caregivers in the United States who help their loved ones manage their health.

If you're caring for someone who needs at-home injections, the Smart Sharps Bin can make life a little simpler by streamlining your mental to-do list.

Is my loved one keeping up with their treatment plan?

The Companion App notifies you of upcoming injections and tells you if they’re staying on track.

Share treatment reports with their healthcare provider and/or your trusted Inner Circle.

Did my loved one miss an injection?

You and the person you’re caring for can get a friendly reminder when an injection’s overdue.

Is my loved one storing used sharps safely?

No need to worry. Smart Sharps Bin secures used sharps, reducing the chance of an accidental needlestick. We’ll automatically deliver a replacement sharps container when needed, up to four times per year.

Is my loved one disposing of sharps properly?

Prepaid mailback package enable effortless sharps disposal. Just pack up the used sharps container and send it back via US Postal Service (USPS)

Am I doing this right?

Smart Sharps Bin users can connect with Customer Care for assistance. Call 1-855-512-0423, or chat with us on the companion app or online.

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