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A Partnership Between Hamilton Beach Health and HealthBeacon Limited

Smart Sharps Bin™

Living with a chronic illness — or caring for someone who does — can be hard. We believe it’s possible to connect people to better health through sustainable, digitally enabled solutions.
Smart Sharps Bin was launched in 2014 by HealthBeacon Limited, a Dublin-based developer of smart tools for managing injectable medications at home. As HealthBeacon CEO Jim Joyce spent 10 years helping individuals with chronic medical conditions, he perceived that they often struggled to take their medication on time. Many people felt they were alone in their health journey.
Joyce worked with HealthBeacon co-founder Kieran Daly to develop an IoT device that would empower people to stay on track with their medication routine and securely share their treatment data with family, caregivers and healthcare providers. Smart Sharps Bin also provides safe and hassle-free sharps disposal.
This award-winning patented technology has been embraced by clinicians and individuals across the EU, and has been made available in 15 global markets.
In 2021, Hamilton Beach Health (part of Hamilton Beach Brands) joined forces with HealthBeacon to offer Smart Sharps Bin directly to consumers in the United States and Canada. Hamilton Beach Brands Holding Company is a holding company for Hamilton Beach Brands, Inc., a leading designer, marketer, and distributor of a wide range of branded small electric household and specialty housewares appliances, as well as commercial products for restaurants, fast food chains, bars, and hotels.
The world’s first and only FDA cleared smart injection management system, Smart Sharps Bin intelligently helps people maintain their treatment regimen for chronic conditions such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, asthma, obesity and migraines.