Because every injection matters

The smart way to stay on track
with your at-home injectable
medication routine.

How it works

A companion on your treatment journey

Living with a chronic illness — or caring for someone who does — can be hard. Technology should make it easier.
The Smart Sharps Bin™ and monthly subscription (required) helps you manage your condition and get back to doing what matters to you.

Simplify at-home injections

Smart Sharps Bin is the world’s first connected injection management system. No guesswork, no missed treatments - smart technology motivates you to stay on track.

Rally your team

Monitor your progress and share reports with the people you trust: your Inner Circle of family, caregivers and healthcare providers.

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Hassle-free sharps disposal

No need to hide

The sleek device looks good on your kitchen counter.

No accidents

Safely store used sharps in the FDA-cleared bin. 

No overfilling

Automatically receive a new sharps container when the current one is nearly full.

No disposal difficulties

Just return the used sharps container in the prepaid mailback package.

The smart way to stay on track

Smart Sharps Bin & monthly subscription (required) includes:

  • FDA-cleared, connected Smart Sharps Bin
  • Companion app and portal
  • Injection reminders and interventions to keep you on track
  • Caregiver notifications and personalized reports
  • Secure, discreet sharps storage
  • Replacement containers and prepaid mailback packages
  • 24/7 Customer Care with personalized support
How it works

Take control of your
injection routine

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